Focus Point Press publishes relevant market, fund and investment news for industry professionals, including Corporate Pension Funds, Endowments, Public Funds, Family Offices, Foundations, Taft-Hartley Funds, Financial Planners, 401 (k) Plans, Investment Consultants, Brokers, Dealers, Rating Agencies, Lawyers, Accountants and High-Net-Worth Individuals.

Focus Point Press currently offers three weekly publications, its flagship newsletter Emerging Manager Focus, Private Wealth Focus and Public Funds Focus. These publications ensure unbiased, concentrated news in the private and public financial sectors. This news is based on recent research and input from staff and professionals from around the world.

Private Wealth Focus provides wealth managers, attorneys, single and multi-family office and other professionals the latest news and trends in the wealth management space.  Private Wealth Focus covers what’s new within private banks, family offices and wealth management firms—with a particular eye on growth in regional U.S. and international markets as well as New York-area firms. In addition to delivering breaking news in the space, it aims to analyze market trends to allow industry pros to stay ahead of the curve and serve their clients better.

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